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bullet The Alternative Medicine Primer for Spinal Cord Dysfunction - Brief Summaries
bullet Why Alternative Medicine?

Overview of Spinal Cord Injury Anatomy & Physiology


Book: Alternative Medicine & Spinal Cord Injury


Website Resource!

Conferences & Miscellaneous:

bulletWorld Health Organization Conference on Spinal Cord Injury 
bullet 4th Int. Symposium Spinal Cord Repair & Regeneration
bullet 5th Int. Symposium Spinal Cord Repair & Regeneration 
bullet 3rd Annual Meeting Int. Association of Neurorestoratology 
bullet New WHO SCI Center - Mission Statement 
bullet Study Seeks Employed Participants with Mobility Impairments & Limitations (Posted November 2010)
bullet The Chanda Plan Foundation - Alternative Medicine for Spinal Cord Dysfunction & Disability
bullet Iatrogenesis, or The Curious Case of Andy Warhol 
bullet Questions to Ask Your Doctor 
bullet Dr. David Gray: Personal Reflections

Eastern-Medicine Based Therapies:

bullet Acupuncture (FRANCAIS )
bullet Acupuncture: Stem-Cell Influence
bulletAcupuncture - Key Spinal Cord Injury Studies
bullet Acupuncture & Women with Physical Disabilities
bulletAcupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis
bullet Acupuncture and Pain
bullet Ayurvedic Medicine Can Mimosa Pudica Stimulate Nerve Regeneration? & (Francais )
bulletQigong - The Healing Exercise & (Francais )
bullet Scalp Acupuncture - Helpful for both MS and SCI & (Francais )
bullet Scalp Acupuncture - Further Information
bullet Scalp Acupuncture & Myelitis: "We Made a Miracle"
bullet Yoga
bullet Yoga: Energetics, Metaphysics, and Consciousness
bullet Navel Piercing & Multiple Sclerosis or Chronic Disease? - Look Hot Now; Pay Later?

Laser Therapies:

bullet Laserpuncture - & (Francais )
bullet Laserponcture Theory & Philosophy 
bulletNew Laserpuncture Clinic 
bullet Laserpuncture and MS also posted on
bullet Restructuring of Limb Morphology by Laserpuncture
bulletLaser-Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Hand Spasticity
bullet Laser Therapy Enhances Axonal Regeneration after Acute Injury
bullet Laser Therapy's Neuroregenerative Influences 
bullet The Tri-Wave Cascade Laser 

Innovative Surgical Procedures:

bulletOmental Therapy
bullet Peripheral Nerve Rerouting  & Technical Abstracts "In the coming years, when surgeons around the world accept these advances, I believe that they will hail him as a pioneer in the field." Dr. Wise Young, 2006.
bullet Restoration of Bowel & Bladder Function (technical)
bullet Restoration of Function: Intradural Lysis & Nerve Implantation (technical)
bullet Restoration of Ambulation Function (technical)
bullet Creating New Nerve Connections
bullet The Big Chill - Cooling Procedures for Spinal Cord Injury
bullet The Xiao Procedure for Restoring Bladder & Bowel Function

Cell or Tissue Transplantation:

bullet Shark Embryo Cell Transplantation
bullet Olfactory-Tissue Transplantation for SCI  (Francais )
bullet Olfactory-Tissue Transplantation for SCI: Portuguese Clinical Trials
bullet Olfactory-Tissue Update - Kefalonia Conference OECs vs. Stem Cells; also Dr. Carlos Lima's insights.  
bullet Efficacy of Olfactory-Tissue Transplantation: Impact of Physical Rehabilitation 
bullet Olfactory Ensheathing Cell Transplantation - China
bullet Cutting-Edge Surgeries - A Summary of Cell-Transplantation Surgeries
bullet Russian Stem-Cell Therapy
bullet Cells4Health Stem-Cell Program
bullet Stem-Cell Program (Totey - India, Bone Marrow)
bullet The Stem-Cell Connection - The Influence of Alternative & Adjunct Therapies
bullet Embryonic Stem-Cell Therapy (Shroff - India),  Amanda's Experience,  & Case Studies
bullet Embryonic Stem-Cell Transplantation: New Beginnings
bulletStem Cells China - Beike Biotechnology 
bullet Chemotherapy: Stem-Cell Killer
bullet Stem-Cell Consciousness: The Divine Ground of Healing


bullet Methylprednisolone Revisited
bullet Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for SCI & MS
bullet Estrogen: Neuroprotection for SCI? 
bullet Progesterone-Mediated Neuroprotection
bullet Testosterone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy
bullet Testosterone & Spinal Cord Injury
bullet Opioids & Testosterone

Body Work & Rehabilitation:

bulletCraniosacral Therapy  & (Francais )
bullet Chiropractic Healing: Back to Health
bulletChronologically Controlled Developmental Therapy
bullet Aggressive Rehabilitation
bullet Aggressive Rehabilitation - Part 2
bullet Shepherd Center's "Beyond Therapy"
bullet Treadmill Training
bulletMassage Tips for Working with Disability
bullet Massage Therapy for SCI
bullet Neuro Institute Rehabilitation - In the right hands, hope can find a way.
bullet GIGER MD®
bullet Biofeedback
bullet Biofeedback: Benefits and Potentials (Part 2)
bullet Wearable Therapy
bullet Exercise & Pain

Natural Health:

bullet Aromatherapy - Get Well with Smell!
bulletFlower-Essence Therapy
bulletHerbal Medicine
bulletDolphin-Assisted Therapy - Is There a Dolphin in the House?
bullet Creatine Supplementation - Build Strength Compromised by Physical Disability
bullet Creatine's Neuroprotection
bullet Nutritional & Botanical Remedies for Diabetes
bullet Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Health
bullet Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Multiple Sclerosis
bullet Sunlight: It's Not Just the Vitamin D
bullet Vitamin D: Facts & Statistics
bullet Vitamin D & Pain 
bullet Fasting & Raw-Food Diet
bullet Ginkgo Biloba - A Therapy for Acute SCI & MS? 
bullet Buyang Huanwu Decoction 
bullet Melatonin & Neuroprotection
bullet Vitamin E & Quercetin Neuroprotection
bullet Cholesterol: The Essential Molecule
bullet The Risk of Cholesterol Drugs
bullet Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Urinary-Tract Health & Related:

bullet Natural Urinary-Tract Health - Nutritional & D-Mannose UTI Solutions
bullet Natural Urinary-Tract Health - Herbal, Essential Oil, & Homeopathy UTI Remedies 
bullet D-Mannose #2
bullet Natural Prostate Health
bullet A Bacterial Partnership 
bullet Erectile Dysfunction Treatments 

Electromagnetic Therapies:

bullet Magnetic Healing - What's the Attraction?
bulletFerrite-Ring Magnets
bulletDiapulse Electromagnetic Therapy for SCI, Head Injury, & Pressure Sores
bullet Diapulse Human Clinical Trials (Poland) in the Treatment of Acute SCI
bullet Diapulse Restores Function in Acutely Spinal Cord Injured Cats
bullet Electromagnetic Therapy for MS & Technical Abstracts
bullet Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Incomplete SCI
bullet Are We Missing the Plate in SCI?
bullet Oscillating Field Stimulation 
bullet Magnetic Molecular Energizer
bullet Dirty Electricity & Diabetes

Other Energy Medicine, Consciousness/Spirituality, Related:

bulletPrayer & Healing and Human Energy Fields - Part 1
bulletPrayer & Healing and Human Energy Fields - Part 2
bullet Spiritual Healing in the Bible - Paralysis, Blindness, Deafness, & Other 
bullet Mind Instructor
bullet Healing Touch
bullet The Healing Touch: Kurt Hach 
bullet The Meaning of Illness - Philosopher Ken Wilber's Insights
bullet Edgar Cayce - The Golden Touch
bullet Objective Science: An Inherent Oxymoron - Do sacred-cow beliefs hurt those with disabilities? 
bullet The Pineal Gland: The Seat of the Soul  
bullet The Pineal Gland, Melatonin, SCI & MS 
bullet Emotional Freedom Technique
bullet Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
bullet Energy Medicine Overview
bullet Body-Awareness Tactile Imaging
bullet Hypnosis & Pain

Indigenous Healing Traditions:

bullet Native-American Healing: Part 1 - Philosophy
bullet Native-American Healing: Part 2 - Healing Modalities
bullet Curanderismo - Traditional Mexican-American Healing: Part 1
bullet Curanderismo: Part 2: Rituals and Procedures
bullet Raw Eggs & Rosemary: A Limpia-Induced Transformation
bullet Curanderismo: Herbs for Diabetes
bullet Don's Butterfly Power

The Radical & Paradigm Expanding:

bullet Inert-Gas Therapy
bulletInert-Gas Therapy: Mainstream Science
bulletSungazing: Gathering the Sun's Healing Energy
bullet Belvaspata Sigil Healing
bulletLucid-Dream Healing
bullet Can Powdered Chicken Feet Regenerate Neurons?

About the Primary Author


*The information included in this web site is presented to inform readers about healing options to allow them to make more informed decisions about their own health care. The author neither endorses nor rejects the therapies.

*Alternative medicine defined “as a broad set of health-care practices that are not readily integrated into the dominant health-care model because they pose challenges to diverse societal beliefs and practices (cultural, economic, scientific, medical and educational).” Danial Eskinazi, Columbia University

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"Swiftness" by Sigthruder Palsdottir, Iceland