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Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

Belvaspata was channeled into our contemporary consciousness by mystic Almine Barton. Although left-brain-thinking individuals may have difficulty absorbing her intuitive teachings, she has profoundly influenced the lives of many, including myself.  Even the most scientifically inclined seem to open up to the seemingly miraculous in her ethereal presence. It is difficult to logically think through the Belvaspata-healing process. One must feel, sense, and tune into the energies, surrendering to Shakespeare’s wisdom: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth than in your philosophy.”

Consciousness-Driven Healing

In spite of the inherent challenge, I will try to place Belvaspata in a context that will foster some understanding. Basically, as underscored by many spiritual traditions, we are prisoners of our perceptual paradigms of how we think the world should function. If we shift our consciousness through, for example, Almine’s presence or Belvaspata-mediated mechanisms, the perceptual prison starts to tumble, and mind-body-spirit healing energies previously held in abeyance flow in.

Consciousness-driven healing is not just metaphysical hokum. Indeed, numerous studies demonstrate that the consciousness, emotions, and attitudes we embrace can affect our health. For example, scientists have started using the emerging field of epigenetics to explain how consciousness can affect gene expression and, as a result, our physicality and health. In other words, we are not merely a hard-wired beneficiary or victim of our genetics. We have choices; what we think and do can very much influence which genes are turned on and to what degree.

Insights on Consciousness - Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

“As the cell divides and creates a new cell, our thought is implanted upon it…In the first cell, all is perfect. That cell was first known as the Christ cell. It is always just as young as ever it was. It never takes on old age. It is the primal spark of life. When we implant in it our thoughts of limitation or old age, or any condition outside of perfection, the body responds. Cells born from the first cell take on its image. Originally it is the image and likeness of God. It is perfect in every way. But it becomes the form we carry in our minds…if we carry the image of perfection always, what will it do for these cells? It will build perfection.”

Belvaspata Healing with Light & Frequency

Belvaspata heals with light and frequency. It attempts to dispel the illusion underlying disease that separates us from our greater oneness with all of its healing potential. With Belvaspata, light is drawn to illusion and frequency to distortion. Because polarity and duality crumble, healing energies now become available to us.

Belvaspata facilitates the removal of the illusion of all disease as well as distorted emotion and light; as such, it helps us to:


·         See the perfection of all,


·         Focus and enhance the perfection,


·         Assist with the awakening of consciousness and to reveal the underlying perfection,


·         Assist in the full expression of our being should it be blocked or not expressing fully.

With Belvaspata, we look beyond the physical appearance and manifestation of disease to the existing underlying perfection, focusing on ‘what is’ (i.e., perfection) and removing the focus from ‘what is not’ (i.e., imperfection).

Healing Oneness & The Perennial Philosophy

This idea of healing oneness resonates with the teachings of many of mankind’s spiritual traditions and can be contextually understood within the ageless wisdom of the “Perennial Philosophy.”   In introducing The Song of God: Bhagavad-Gita, Aldous Huxley described this philosophy in which our individual consciousness is part of a Divine Ground referred to differently in world religions (e.g., Godhead, Pure Light of the Void, Unity of Allah, etc):

 “First: the phenomenal world of matter and of individualized consciousness – the world of things and animals and men” (including injured and diseased parts) “and even gods – is the manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all partial realities have their being, and part from which they would be non-existent.”

Basically under this philosophy, duality-based judgments create imprisoning perceptions which separate you from your fellow man, greater unity, and larger self. Through your duality-based judgments of good and bad, your perceptual prison isolates you from the healing energies available as part of your inherent connection to the “Divine-Ground.”


As discussed in Almine's book (see bibliography) Belvaspata healing is mediated through the use of unique sigils. Historically, sigils have been considered magical or alchemical symbols. The term may derive from the Hebrew segula, meaning a word, action, or item of spiritual effect, one which improves a condition or protects one from harm.

In modern days, some individuals have created their own sigils, devising unique ways of charging them with metaphysical power. For example, English artist Austin Osmand Spare developed a method by which “the words of a statement of intent are reduced into an abstract design; the sigil is then charged with the will of the creator.” He "elaborated his sigils by condensing letters of the alphabet into diagrammatic glyphs of desire, which were to be integrated into postural (yoga-like) practices—"monograms of thought, for the government of energy."

Almine’s sigils are ancient. Specifically, through her spiritual channeling, tapping into deeply buried aspects of, as Carl Jung described, our collective unconscious, she brought forth sigils from the mythical Lemuria. According to Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky, Lemuria was an antediluvian civilization of an earlier race of men that predated even the legendary Atlantis.  

Sigils vs. Symbols

Sigils are not mere symbols. Specifically, whereas a symbol represents something, a sigil describes something. An example of a symbol is the Mercedes-Benz logo, which triggers thoughts of affluence and engineering quality. In another example, a Christian cross could generate very different emotional reactions depending upon one’s religious background and perceptions. Another cross that can also trigger widely differing reactions is the swastika. Most familiar with the Nazi swastika and its holocaust associations, Westerners are often startled to see swastikas drawn on doors and entrances in Hindu communities. For Hindus, however, the swastika is an ancient symbol inviting the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune to come in.  Clearly, the psychic energy triggered by a swastika is different for a Hindu than it would be for a World War II veteran.

Words too are symbols, conveying different meanings based upon individual perceptions and consciousness. For example, the word “love” has diverse meanings depending upon context. The ancient Greeks used eros for erotic love, philos for love of friendship, and agape for divine-spark love. In contrast, the sigil for love describes the quality or frequency of what is meant. It maps out the exact frequency of the emotion, independent of one’s perceptions. When it comes to energetic meaning, they are the metaphysical “real McCoy,” not clouded by the ambiguity of our consciousness.

According to Almine, sigils are “packed full of awareness particles,” an idea that resonates with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, best-selling author of The Hidden Messages in Water. Although not focused on sigils, Emoto’s work demonstrates that word and image symbols energetically affect the structure of water, specifically its crystallization. Basically, when water is exposed to the positive, beautiful crystals are created, while the negative produces unpleasing, asymmetrical patterns. For example, the spiritual cornerstone words love and gratitude taped over a bottle of water resulted in beautiful, perfect crystals. However, when harmful intent words were used, crystals were ugly or didn’t even form.

Given our bodies consist mostly of water, these findings suggest that our consciousness can have profound effects on our water-based physiology. If the energy behind ambiguous words can exert such an influence, one can only speculate on the influence exerted by precisely defined, power-packed sigils.

As a scientist trained as a chemist, a sigil reminds me of a catalyst that greatly accelerates not a shifting of chemicals to a different state of being but, in this case, consciousness.

Procedural Overview

Through the appropriate use of sigils, illusion-displacing energies can be called in to foster healing at many mind-body-spirit levels.

A Belvaspata session is initiated by drawing three sigils over the body. The first sigil ‘Opening the Mind’ is drawn over the forehead, and the sigil name is stated. While gazing at a sigil for the corresponding Angel (an energy associated with the sigil -see reference 3), ask the Angel to place the Opening-the-Mind sigil within the forehead. The second and third sigils ‘Opening the Heart’ and ‘Receptivity of the Body’ are similarly placed within the heart and naval area.

Opening of the Mind

Opening of the Heart

Opening of the Body

After the opening, meditatively envision yourself expanding until you are as vast as the cosmos and your consciousness is blended with all that is. Then place the person you are working with (or yourself) within that greater oneness, focusing not on the problem but the underlying existing perfection. 

Next, draw the sigil corresponding to the specific disorder, issue or anatomical structure over the appropriate areas, calling out the corresponding Angel name. For example, if you’re a diabetic, draw the sigil for blood sugar and purification; if you have reproductive problems, use the sigils for the genitals and reproductive organs; if you’re depressed, trace the sigil for depression; and if you have pain use the corresponding pain sigils.

Each session should be closed with the drawing of the sigils for praise, love, and gratitude over the heart or body.




Example Disorder: Spinal Cord Injury

For many years, I’ve been involved in researching and writing about therapies that expand the healing spectrum for spinal cord injury, often from a mind-body-spirit perspective. Historically, spinal cord injury has been one of mankind’s most devastating disorders. The ancient Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus written in Egyptian hieroglyphics states that spinal cord injury is an ailment not to be cured, a view that has prevailed for 5,000 years - until recently. For the first time in mankind’s history, there is beginning to be a shift in our consciousness about what is possible after injury. Patients once resigned to the defeating you-will-never-walk-again attitude that is deeply imprinted in consciousness after injury are becoming more and more convinced that some recovery truly may be possible. This shift by itself will greatly accelerate progress. Belvaspata can help catalyze this shift.

Spinal cord injury results in a multitude of secondary physiological problems above and beyond paralysis. There are numerous sigils that may help some of these problems. In addition to these specialized sigils, Almine has developed an overall sigil for spinal cord injury to promote healing at different mind-body-spirit levels. Ideally, this sigil should be used as described above. In addition, to help absorb the sigil into your consciousness, draw the sigil on paper and hang it in an area where a lot of time is spent.  It also can be placed under a sleeping area or a massage table, etc.

The Sigil for Spinal Cord Injury

Independent Insight

According to a source independent from Almine, Belvaspata, indeed, has ancient Lemurian roots. It has an energetic that can be helpful with the specific goal and aim of reducing thought, patterns, and distractions until there is a sense of purity of consciousness or simply of being. From this state, many things can outflow, most of which can be quite healing. Used over time, sigils have a useful effect and will connect to many functioning systems, in particular the nadis of the physical body. [i.e., channels through which life-force, prana energy circulates.]


With Belvaspata-catalyzed shifts in consciousness, our perceptual prison tumbles like the walls of Jericho, and we reestablish at-one-ment with the Divine Ground. This renewed connection with our greater self allows healing energies to flow in. As above, so below, our healed consciousness then percolates into the physical.


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