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Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

Inert-gas therapy is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing that provides the regenerative potential needed to mend an injured spinal cord. Because the therapy is based on concepts far beyond the banks of the scientific mainstream, some background discussion is required to understand it. If you want to cut to the chase without this discussion, click here. This is new, never-before-discussed therapy for spinal cord injury (SCI).


Alternative Science:

Although inert-gas therapy is an innocuous procedure, it is based on principles that challenge our most sacrosanct beliefs on how the universe works, undercutting the foundation from which most scientists build upon.  For example, the therapy is based upon 1) the existence of a multidimensional, primary-energy source; 2) the idea that we are fundamentally beings of energy, which determines our physical and biochemical makeup; and 3) the assumption that our consciousness, including our thought, attitudes, emotions, and belief systems, interacts with our energetic nature to create our physical reality, including that associated with spinal cord injury (SCI). Although as radical as such propositions appear, they were, in fact, espoused throughout much of history and are being increasingly embraced once again by open-minded, prescient scientific thinkers.

Primary Energy:

Inert-gas therapy is based on a concept that space is something not nothing as most scientists believe. This something is called ether, which permeates all of our three and also higher dimensional space. Through inter-dimensional vortexes and gradients in this all-pervasive ether, a primary energy ultimately becomes the source of all of our more familiar forces, such as electromagnetism, gravity, and nuclear forces, and, as indicated by Einstein’s E = mc2 equation, all mass that forms our physical reality. 

Because it is this primal energy in which the universe’s anti-entropic, creative forces, including our individual and collective consciousness, are mediated through, it is not confined to scientific speculation, but has profound eschatological, cosmological, and spiritual significance.

Although etheric energy was a part of scientific thinking through much of history, in the late 19th Century, scientists started to develop alternative theories to explain how the universe works. Although these contemporary explanations have become ingrained in our scientific thinking, they don’t always work unless the cards are stacked in their favor. Specifically, they can provide contradictory results, are unable to explain some of our most important physical phenomena, and cannot provide an all-encompassing, unifying theoretical framework. In contrast, etheric energy theory has the ability to explain it all and integrate the pieces.

Although involving theories much beyond the scope of this article, it is postulated that higher-dimensional etheric energy is downloaded into more accessible and usable three-dimensional energy through “primary points. 

Inert Gases:

One source of these powerful primary points is the nucleus of inert gas elements, i.e., helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon. Specifically, xenon is the most important one for creating the raw fuel energy for building regeneration potential in tissue, including a traumatically injured spinal cord. When the energy generated by these primary points is accessed through the devices described below, the inert gases provide the raw fuel that our consciousness can then direct to create its physical manifestation.

In the periodic table, the inert gases are a unique elemental family. Helium is the lightest with a molecular weight of four, and xenon is the heaviest with a molecular weight of 131. All are present in the air we breath, ranging from the abundant argon and rare xenon at 7,600 and 0.036 parts per million, respectively. For illustration purposes, the average person will breathe in about 82 liters of argon and 0.39 milliliters (a thousandth of a liter) of xenon per day.

Compared to other elements, the inert gases possess additional energy that keeps them in a higher vibrational, more gaseous state. Although higher molecular weight elements tend to be liquids or solids, xenon and krypton, with molecular weights greater than iron, nickel, copper, and zinc, exist as gases. This requires them to be in a higher vibrational state, which requires additional energy.

Helium also has properties that run counter to what would be expected when compared to other elements. Specifically, helium is difficult to freeze no matter how low the temperature is taken. Even if virtually all the thermal energy is removed, helium somehow retains sufficient vibrational energy that inhibits it from entering a solid state.

It is postulated that primary points located in the nucleus of the inert-gas elements produce the energy that keeps the heavier inert-gas elements in a gaseous state and keeps helium from solidifying at very low temperatures.

To harness the energy produced by these inert-gas primary points, devices have been constructed in which the inert-gas mixture is electromagnetically stimulated. This stimulation pulls the primary point away from its nucleus, which under normal conditions would absorb the downloaded, primary-point energy. Because of this unshielding, the energy is now released into the surrounding space and, hence, available for healing purposes.

In one device, a sufficiently strong magnetic field is applied to a non-magnetic metal chamber containing a pressurized inert-gas mixture (e.g., 25X atmospheric pressure). In another more convenient and inexpensive device, the inert-gas mixture and a small magnet are enclosed within an airtight, Pyrex-glass capsule (about 1 ½ by ¼ inch) under relatively low pressure. These inert-gas pendants can be readily placed at the point of injury, for example worn around the neck or held close to some other body area.

Human Energy Fields:

We are primarily beings of energy, which determines our physical, biochemical, and physiological nature. This is a key principle behind many ancient and indigenous healing traditions, such as acupuncture’s qi and Ayurvedic medicine’s pranic energy. Even contemporary medicine has recently begun to revisit the idea under the emerging disciplines of energy medicine and psychoneuroimmunology.

Energy fields (also called energy body, etheric body, subtle body, etc.) that surround and permeate our physical body define much our energetic nature. When these energy fields are factored in, our physical body represents only a small component of who we are.  Although the ability to closely observe such fields has often been limited to intuitives and spiritual healers, most people at some level can sense them.  These fields help to explain the intuitive feelings one has for another, including instant dislikes or physical chemistry. The halos and auras surrounding spiritual beings portrayed in many religious traditions represent a higher manifestation of these fields. 

As discussed by Dr. Valerie Hunt in her book “Infinite Mind,” sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology can detect these fields. Interestingly, what is detected correlates well to what is observed independently by sensitive intuitives. This technology, however, only detects the lower-vibrational electromagnetic components of our fields, which range from these components to the powerful etheric forces discussed previously.

In the book “Hands of Light,” former NASA scientist Barbara Brennan explains how the human energy fichakraseld is composed of at least seven consecutive layers of increasing vibrational energy. Intersecting the body and the energy field are seven tornado-like energy vortexes in Eastern traditions called chakras, which convert high vibrational energy into energy that the body can assimilate.

Our energy network includes in front of the spinal cord a power column, which receives energy from the chakras and transmits it vertically through the body. A spinal cord injury decreases the energy flow through the body because of the cord’s proximity to the power column and because the energy received by the lower chakras is reduced. 

The more familiar acupuncture points and meridians are further down our energetic pipeline, bringing downloaded energy to a more specific organ level.

Basically, the physical body is the lowest vibrational state of our energetic self. As a rough visualization, envision our energy fields as a set of Russian dolls in which each doll is enclosed by a larger one. The innermost doll represents our physical body, which is then consecutively enclosed by larger dolls of increasing vibrational energy.

Imbalances or blockages in your energy network will predispose you to illness.  Basically, disease has its origins in the energy field, which then progressively manifest at the molecular, cellular, and body-system levels.

The energy field responds to stimulus, such as sound, even though you experience no conscious awareness of the stimulus and before changes are noted in physiological parameters such as brain waves, blood pressure, etc. Based upon this presaging, technology can measure and assess energy disturbances in the field long before the onset of physical disease.

The Body Double:

Every part of the physical body has a higher vibrational component (called para) within the energy field, such as the para-brain, para-eyes, para-bones, para-skin, and para-spinal cord.

Specifically, the field closest to the body contains the template for the entire body, duplicating every cell and organ. Because the physical body interacts with its higher vibrational version, as an acute spinal cord injury evolves over time into a chronic injury, the distorted physical will be imprinted onto the higher-level, energetic template. This locks the injury more into place, and, as a result, it becomes much more difficult for healing to take place by exclusively focusing on the physical.

This is a fundamental limitation in our conventional medicine. It is like trying to push a car in one direction when the steering wheel is cranked for another direction.  In contrast, alternative energy healers attempt to minimize these energetic barriers to physiological healing in SCI by mending the field’s dysfunctional energy vectors.

Consciousness & Energy Fields:

In addition to duplicating our physical bodies, the higher vibrational energy fields are the repository for our consciousness. Our brain is a mere physiological processor for this consciousness. Although possessing a good processor affects your overt intelligence, and although outward expression of consciousness may be a function your brain’s neurons, complexity of synaptic connections, etc., it is not the site of your consciousness anymore than your big toe. 

All attributes of consciousness, such as your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and perceptions, are stored in your energy fields. It is important to conceptually understand this because your belief systems determine whether you can productively access and direct the inherently neutral, inert-gas primary energy for healing purposes, including spinal cord regeneration.

Many authors, including Dr. Paul Pearsall in the “The Heart’s Code,” have discussed the notion that consciousness is not a function of our brain. In Pearsall’s case, he has observed that many heart-transplant recipients have assumed the donor’s uniquely idiosyncratic behaviors. Basically, all of the body’s cells have consciousness-associated memory stored in their energy fields. The heart’s cellular memory potential is especially large because it is the body’s most powerful energy generator, and its millions of cells beat in unison.

Pulling The Pieces Together:

Our para-DNA, the higher vibrational reflection of our genetic DNA, possesses the informational patterns to create a complete and whole physical body, including regenerating damaged components such as an injured spinal cord.

Basically, this regenerative potential can be manifested in the physical if 1) sufficient etheric energy, the raw fuel of creation, can be built up in our energy fields and 2) pervasive negative belief systems (e.g., “you will never walk again”) that prevent para-DNA encoded vibrational information from being transferred into the physical are dismantled and replaced with beliefs of healing and renewed wholeness.

Inert-gas devices, especially those containing xenon, can help build up the etheric raw fuel needed for regeneration. In itself, however, this etheric fuel is neutral. Like the amorphous clay that is transformed into a work of art through the potter’s consciousness, it is the directed consciousness of wholeness that will create its physical manifestation. Hard-to-let-go negative believe patterns, which hang around in the energy fields, will strongly filter these potent, healing energies from reaching the physical.

Essentially, the supplemental etheric energy facilitates the transference of the appropriate patterns held within the para-DNA into the physical structures. The intervening material is the energy body. The inert-gas devices are producing the specific raw material that the physical body will draw upon that is most advantageous to the healing process.

The energy fields are using the etheric energy as a means of communication that goes back and forth from non-physical vibrational levels into the physical and back to the nonphysical. If a sufficient excess of etheric energy is available and can be appropriately directed, there is a spillover that will generally move into the body’s weakest areas.

Meditative Visualization:

To direct the non-specific, inert-gas energy to where it is needed, meditative visualization is required, e.g., focusing on where the spinal dislocation has occurred, the nerves need to be mended, and the bone needs to be changed. A focus on the physical anatomy will be more helpful for those with a logical mind orientation. Those with a more intuitive mind orientation must perceive this anatomy symbolically as a landscape to be healed, as energy to be flowed into a large-sized sculpture of the body.

For most individuals, the translation from the etheric to physical level will take at least six months. In other words, if you meditate on seeing the body whole and healed, the additional etheric energy may be more readily transmitted about six months down the road into something physical.  

For more information on visualization techniques, click here.


Begin your therapy with a device containing an inert-gas combination emphasizing xenon, e.g., 46% xenon, 18% helium, 36% neon. This combination can build energy in the spine. In the time period of the waxing moon[1], alternate this combination with pure xenon or pure helium. If you are young, use pure helium.

In addition to the visualizations mention above, let sleep be deep. Let there be an attunement to dreams, lucid dreaming, and whatever your belief patterns can orient towards for bringing up of issues and the understanding of new awareness.

During the waning moon, alternate the initial mixture with an argon and krypton combination (e.g., 96% argon and 4% krypton). This combination is especially useful to blow apart belief patterns; to dismantle old thought forms; to examine why there might be issues of hopelessness, shame or other negative emotions associated with the healing process; and to use projection of the consciousness to change how you see yourself. [2] 

Inert-gas energies can be transmitted in a variety of other ways. For example, they are carried well by water and can be taken in by drinking or bathing in water that has been exposed to the devices. Also, it is possible for energy workers or healers to absorb the energy, allowing it to move through their bodies and then their clients’. When modified by the healer’s consciousness, the energy is often more absorbable.

Overdosing with inert-gas energy is possible; symptoms include increased sleeplessness, nervousness, and agitation. However, by stopping the application, you can rapidly recover and begin using it again at a lower level.

There is a final important consideration. This inert-gas therapy will have the greatest impact on those individuals who are in the most nutritionally strong state. In addition to introducing etheric energy and busting apart the energy-filtering belief patterns, you need the nutritional building blocks necessary to regenerate a spinal cord. Specifically, consuming the right sort of fats will be an especially important for regenerating lipid-rich neuronal tissue (See Vonderplanitz reference).


Inert-gas technology is an entirely new method for building up restorative regenerative potential after spinal cord injury. The theories behind it clearly challenge contemporary scientific thinking; nevertheless, they encompass concepts that in one form or another have existed since antiquity.

Although the technology defies the scientific status quo, if you study history’s lessons, there is one scientific truth: today’s cutting-edge insights are inevitably tomorrow’s anachronisms. Reflecting this truth, one of history’s most prominent physicians, Paracelus (1493-1541), stated “That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century, may form the basis of science for the following one.” Inert-gas technology’s conceptual gestation has happened and will give birth to the scientific thinking of future generations.

With this therapy, you have nothing to lose, except the self-defeating beliefs that are obscuring- the vision of your wholeness gathering on the horizon.

Acknowledgements: Deepest gratitude is expressed for the advice of Jon Fox and his colleagues.

Sources: Inert-gas pendants can be obtained from Pegasus Products, Boulder, Colorado by calling (800) 527-6104 or (970) 667-3019 or

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[1] Astronomical and geophysical influences on our biology are well documented. Although often overwhelmed by our pervasive electromagnetic environment (e.g., computer monitor, cell phones, etc.), our physiology is very sensitive to the rhythmic or cyclic energy dynamics of the universe we live in. For example, the female menstrual cycle, long thought to be a function of a 28-day lunar cycle, is related to a much more subtle 28.5-day stellar cycle. Furthermore, pharmaceutical effectiveness is greatly influenced by circadian rhythms. Lunar cycles influence all bodies of water whether they be oceans or the water contained within our cells.


[2] Byron Katie’s methods can be rapid and direct in dismantling old belief patterns (see