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Other Spinal Cord Injury:


Disability Magazines: Paraplegia News Magazine

Eastern Medicine Based Therapies: Laserpuncture therapy. Ayurvedic products. The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness.
bullet Overview information on acupuncture & qigong. Also includes information on laser acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome.
bullet NIH Consensus Development Statement for Acupuncture. Ken Cohen's Qigong Center. Scalp Acupuncture San Francisco Clinic focusing on both Eastern and bodywork therapies.

Body Work: Chronologically controlled developmental therapy.
bullet Craniosacral therapy. Rehabilitation for Paralysis in Algarve, Portugal

Natural Health: Homeopathic Educational Services. National Center for Homeopathy.
bullet Perelandra Center for Nature Research.

bullet Pegasus Flower Essence Products.

Other Energy Medicine:

bullet FeelGood Company’s magnetic products.

bullet Focused on Edgar Cayce's insights.

bullet Neural Depolarization 

Sexuality & Physical Disability: