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During my research of diverse therapies that expand our mind-body-spirit healing spectrum, I’ve met several individuals seemingly endowed with the healing-touch “gift.” One is Kurt Hach, an engineer originally from Germany whom I visited in Los Angeles.

To some degree, we all possess this gift - for example, when we lovingly comfort a sick child or a cherished pet in pain. Whether called spiritual, energy, hands-on, or therapeutic-touch healing, it typically incorporates an altruistic, compassionate, loving, or prayful consciousness that transcends our usual view of separation from our fellow man. Through this consciousness, we not only connect with the one who needs healing but a greater source of energy that goes beyond giver and receiver.

Like many healers, Hach believes he channels God’s divine, life-force energy. God is the healer; he is merely the conduit.

This healing “at-one-ment” has been discussed often in the spiritual literature. For example, the classic Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (B.T. Spalding) states: “… by fixing your thoughts and attention steadfastly on God and His divine perfection, you can raise the vibrations of your body so that they will blend so harmoniously with those of the divine perfection that you are absolutely one with the divine perfection and thus one with God. You are then able so to influence the vibrations of the bodies of others with whom you come in contact that they see the perfection that you see.”

As discussed in Healing Research (below), one of the most studied American healers Dr. Olga Worrall similarly viewed her healing energy:

“Spiritual healing is the channeling of energy into a recipient from the universal field of energy which is common to all creation which stems from the universal source of all intelligence and power called God… Energy from the universal field of energy becomes available to the healer through the act of tuning his personal energy field to a harmonial relationship with the universal field of energy so that he acts in this way as a conductor between the universal field of energy and the patient.”

From the spiritual healing perspective, our ultimate health is shaped by the energy we bring into our bodies, generate internally, or choose to resonate with - all of which are molded by our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. The larger the disparity between the energetic nature we have created within ourselves and our inherent divine resonance the more we predispose ourselves to sickness. A simple example is how we feel spending time in nature’s rejuvenating glory compared to that of working in a deadline-driven, fluorescent-lit, poorly ventilated, windowless office.

Consistent with these speculations, scientists hypothesize that our consciousness affects our DNA expression through influencing proteins embedded in our cell membranes (see Lipton book). Specifically, shifts in consciousness can alter the body’s electromagnetic dynamics in a way which changes the physical configuration of membrane proteins, in turn, affecting communication between the outside and inside of cells. Roughly speaking, this consciousness-driven energy is like a radio signal triggering the garage door to open. Ultimately, this opening mediates physiological events which regulate gene expression, potentially in a life-enhancing direction.

Like watering a garden, if the hose is connected to a polluted, toxic source (e.g., negative consciousness, bad office environment, a disapproving spouse, etc), the garden will whither; if it’s connected to a pure source of nurturing, divine energy, the garden will bear forth life-enhancing bounty. 

The life-force energy referred to by many medical and spiritual traditions most likely represents this divine energy in some form, e.g., India’s prana, Polynesia’s mana, China’s qi, or the Christian Holy Spirit.


Hach is not the angelic avatar that may pop in your mind when you think of a hands-on transmitter of God’s divine energy. Born in Germany in World War II’s aftermath to a Jewish mother who hid her ancestry from the Nazis and a father who survived the Russian front, Hach once was a special-forces soldier trained for covert operations.

He later became an engineer working in Iraq before the first Gulf War and ultimately had many clandestine, soldier-of-fortune adventures worthy of a movie. Because of his insider knowledge of Iraq, he provided invaluable intelligence to Desert Storm’s General Norman Schwarzkopf and coalition forces.

Hach believed his father and other relatives had the “gift,” albeit less overtly expressed. He became more aware of his ability when he was a 29-year-old engineer working in the Iraqi hinterland devoid of medical facilities. When a coworker broke his ankle, Hach set it and held it until it became pain free. He soon became known as the “Desert Doctor,” sought out by people wanting to feel better and get rid of their pain. As his healing and pain-relieving abilities developed over the years, he was nicknamed “Faster than Aspirin.”

As often with other healers, Hach’s energy also benefits plants and animals, ranging from pets to racing horses. This is an important observation because it suggests that human benefits are not merely due to a positive-thinking placebo effect.

Over the years, he has treated thousands with diverse disorders, including many of LA’s rich and famous. Although pain relief can quickly manifest, any significant functional gain will accrue over time with multiple sessions. 

For home use, Hach often infuses healing energy into packing foam, which can be wrapped around a painful joint or slept over. He claims that the material will retain its energy as long as it is not washed. Although sounding far fetched, studies show healers can mediate benefits through secondary materials, such as water or surgical gauze, which they have held.

In addition to being an energy source, reflecting dowsing skills he developed as an engineer, Hach can sense dysfunctional energy using his “x-ray hands” and, therefore, intuit ailments.


Among the many that Hach has treated are individuals with SCI. Although careful not to overstate accruing benefits, he believes his healing energy can at least relieve pain and, in some cases, restore appreciable function. For example, he treated celebrated jockey Bill Shoemaker, who sustained a cervical injury after a car accident. Hach claims after several treatments, Shoemaker was able to wiggle his toes and better lift his arms. Another recently treated individual allegedly regained some function 39 years after injury.

For SCI, Hach often places one hand on the neck and the other on the lower spinal area. As the energy is transmitted, Hach feels the spine getting hot, energetic blocks dissolving, and energetic nerve lines reconnecting. As discussed in my book Alternative Medicine and Spinal Cord Injury, healers view this energetic dissolution and reconnection as a prerequisite for physical healing and regeneration.

Most contusion injuries – even those clinically classified as complete - have some intact, but inactive, neurons still going through the injury site. Perhaps the energy Hach pushes through the spine helps to activate these neurons. Studies have shown you only need a few turned-on neurons to regain significant function.

Due to his soldiering background, Hach has expressed special interest in helping paralyzed veterans. Although he does not want anyone to avoid treatment due to limited finances, he gratefully accepts donations in proportion to means.


Clearly, understanding spiritual healing requires a more expansive cosmological view of how the universe works than that provided by contemporary scientific paradigms. Especially apropos, however, is St. Augustine’s statement: “Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.”

Contact: Hach can be reached at 424-215-8607.

Adapted from article appearing in April 2008 Paraplegia News (For subscriptions, call 602-224-0500) or go to http://www.pvamagazines.com/pnnews/) .  


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