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Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

On January 19, 2002, a party celebrated the opening of a new laserpuncture clinic for treating spinal cord injury (SCI) and other disabilities. This facility is located at Chateau GaillaLaserpuncture Therapy: Bohbot & Ahrrd, Montlinard, France, about 120 miles south of Paris in the Loire River wine-producing region.

Several Americans attended this inaugural event, including Paralyzed Veterans of America members Daniel Ahr and me. While at the Surface Warfare Officer School in Newport, R.I., Ahr sustained a T12 spinal cord injury in motor-vehicle accident four months after his 1999 Naval Academy graduation.

Developed by Albert Bohbot, laserpuncture therapy combines elements of acupuncture and laser treatment. Integrating ancient Eastern healing concepts with modern technology, laserpuncture uses a sophisticated electronic laser device developed by engineers at one of France’s preeminent engineering schools ENSAM- Cluny (Ecole Nationale Superieure d’arts st Metiers).

At the party, Ahr (shown standing with Albert Bohbot) indicated how invaluable PVA’s supportive role had been after his injury, especially the counsel of PVA’s National Service Officer Dr Craig Bash. After reading my article on the therapy and being referred to me by Bash for further discussion, Ahr traveled to France for laserpuncture therapy. In addition to availing himself of this innovative therapy, Ahr believed that this was a great opportunity to practice his already fluent French while enjoying the beautiful countryside and its renowned wine and culinary offerings.

Ahr noted, “In the last six months working with Albert, I have seen both practical and psychological progress. Gaining the ability to pedal a standard stationary bike and walk in braces has increased my circulation and helped my legs to stay healthy and heal quicker. On top of this physical benefit, such progress has increased my confidence and fed my motivation to work harder.”

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ENSAM Cluny.jpg (540386 bytes)The laserpuncture device (center on ledge - click on thumbnail photo) for treating SCI was developed with the assistance of the engineering faculty at France’e renowned engineering school ENSAM–Cluny. From left to right, Daniel Micard, government official; Dr. Laurance Johnston, PVA; Drs. Albert Bohbot and Cecile Jame-Collet, laserpuncture clinic; and Professor Richard Brun and Jean Claude Butaud, ENSAM-Cluny.

Adapted from article appearing in Paraplegia News, May, 2002 (For subscriptions, contact

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