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Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

“Allow the Senores y Senoras da la Luz [Lords and Ladies of Light] to ...enter your soul.”  – Zia Summer, Rudolfo Anaya

 “The Sun is the heart of the Solar World (system) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-centre of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein…” – The Secret Doctrine, H.B. Blavatsky

"The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins." – Apocalypse, D. H. Lawrence

Recently, I moved to New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment” whose colorful skies and sunsets have inspired many artists and authors, including both Anaya and Lawrence quoted above. Sitting under my viga and latilla-covered patio, I can watch transcendent sunsets over Mount Taylor or - as the Navajo or Diné call it - Tsoodził, the sacred mountain of the South. The inspiring sunsets have motivated me to practice sungazing, an ancient, esoteric healing tradition.

It is claimed that meditatively gazing at the sun right after sunrise or right before sunset brings into the body life-force healing energy. Demonstrating that ancient wisdom often has much validity, paradigm-expanding research suggests that such gazing may, indeed, do so.

An Ancient Practice

In various forms, sungazing has been practiced by many ancient cultures, spiritual practices, or healing traditions - including Surya Yoga and qigong; Buddhism and Hinduism; and by Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayans, ancient Egyptians, and pre-Christian Essenes.  Supposedly, adepts at gathering life-force energy can forgo food for long periods through a variety of techniques, including sungazing. According to the Encyclopedia of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine Volume, ancient Chinese literature indicates that individuals relying on life-force qi energy for nourishment should live much longer with good health and extraordinary abilities.

The process has been given numerous names, including inedia (fasting in Latin) or breatharianism, God-Eaters (consuming divine spirit), and Bigu.  The life-force energy has been called many names throughout the ages, such as qi in China, prana in India, nílch'i or Holy Wind by the Navajo, Christian Holy Spirit; and, to make it a more acceptable for scientific scrutiny, subtle energies or torsion (below).

Scientists are actually beginning to notice some of these life-sustaining practices. For example, Bigu, a process by which qigong practitioners take in enough qi to forego food, was the subject of “The First National Conference on The Bigu” held in 2000 at Pennsylvania State University.  In an example at the cellular level, scientists reported that cells can survive in nutrient-free culture after distant qi treatment (Yan et al, 2002).

However, it is emphasized that the purpose of sungazing in this article is not to eliminate food. Quite the contrary, the right foods are absolutely needed as building blocks to bring into the physical the regeneration potential created by the infusion of sungazing-mediated, life-force energy.


As indicated in the references, various sungazing overviews are posted on the Internet. The following has been suggested as one good way to initiate the process.

To minimize risk, practice sungazing one hour or less before sunset or one hour or less after sunrise. And start gradually. Because you are exposed to few ultraviolet rays during this period, there is little risk. If you want to avoid all risk, check out the technique indicated below for accruing the sun’s higher vibrational energy without looking at any sunlight.

To enhance nervous-system regeneration, consume high amounts of raw, uncooked fats (e.g., unpasteurized dairy, coconut cream, etc) for some time before initiating sungazing. The sun’s higher vibrational energy stimulates the nervous system, which is composed mostly of fats. Overall, raw-fat consumption builds up the nervous system, while cooked fats, which predominate in our diets, deplete it over time. Unfortunately, prevailing health policies make it difficult, but not impossible, to eat many of the most beneficial raw fats.

After a month of consuming significant raw fats, start gazing at the sun 10 seconds at the time period one hour or less before sunset or one hour or less after sunrise. The next day add 10 seconds. If the weather is cloudy, gaze anyway, but do not add 10 seconds. Meditatively gaze without multitasking (listening to tapes, etc).

Consciously draw the energy into the body. Circulate it, putting it into any parts requiring attention. For example, in the case of spinal cord injury, visualize the energy circulating through the spine. After reaching two minutes of sungazing, begin the conscious manifestation phenomena, visualizing the healing, asking for it, praying for it, and feeling the solar energy as it assists. Expect to be a bit dazzled afterwards.

When you reach a half hour after incrementally adding 10 seconds, you may start to see more dramatic changes. Again, the changes require sufficient fat reserves because the nervous system will be highly stimulated.

If there are breaks in your sungazing schedule, do not increase the period. For example, if you are sungazing for 70 seconds and forget to do so for a few days, begin again at 70 seconds. For longer periods, subtract 10 seconds for each day missed.

Stand while sungazing, or if in a wheelchair, place your feet on the ground. If it’s not too cold, connect to the Earth with bare feet, which promotes further energy circulation due to the Earth’s electromagnetic nature. After sungazing, move around for 20 minutes, exercising the body. If you can’t walk, swing your arms. If you cannot do this, blink your eyes or be aware of head movements.

With sufficient fat consumption, sungazing may promote regeneration after spinal cord injury, although it will take time.

Energies Coming Into the Body

Although sungazing will affect you through traditional physiological mechanisms associated with increased sunlight exposure, such as improved vitamin-D production and pineal-gland stimulation, the true benefits accrue by energetic mechanisms that are anything but routine.

Specifically, the sun is composed of helium under tremendous magnetic, gravitational and electric forces.  As discussed in the sidebar, when helium, an inert gas, is appropriately stimulated, primal energy is emitted. Due to the sun’s size, the amount of emitted inert-gas primal energy is huge. This energy moves much faster than light. Although it takes light over eight minutes to reach earth, the helium-derived, inert-gas primal energy arrives almost instantaneously. 

Hence, when you see the sun rise, it actually has been over the horizon for eight minutes; i.e., it has taken this long for the light to reach you. Because the sun’s inert-gas primal energy reaches you immediately, for eight minutes you can sungaze at the horizon at the point you will eventually see the sun rise and get exposed to the sun’s inert-gas primal energy without looking at any sunlight.


Indoctrinated in prevailing scientific paradigms, I had difficulty grasping faster-than-light phenomenon. It sounded too much like Star Trek’s warp speed. Then I heard a lecture on torsion energy by physicist Dr. Claude Swanson at the 2009 International Society for Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, and pieces starting falling into place.

Unfamiliar to most Western scientists, Russian research has evaluated a new force called torsion, which helps explain phenomena that have been difficult to understand with previously known forces (i.e., electromagnetic, gravitational and, nuclear forces). Torsion also seems to correspond to the life-force energy described in many ancient traditions, such as qi or prana.

As discussed in Swanson’s book Life Force: the Scientific Basis, torsion fields are generated by particle spin. Whenever a charged particle produces electromagnetic waves, it also creates torsion waves. Because atomic particles spin (e.g., electrons, protons, and neutrons), it is a universal force. Torsion fields do not follow existing rules of physics, especially with respect to time, distance, and the speed-of-light limitation. For example, they do not diminish with distance, like gravity for example, and penetrate barriers that block electromagnetic energies.

Because they don’t follow the rules, torsion fields also can explain many well-documented psychic phenomena - for example, why a mother immediately senses that her son has been hurt in a war half way across the world, why qigong masters can exert healing many thousands of miles away, or why long-distance prayer may work. It also provides a scientific conceptualization for mankind’s interconnectivity and greater oneness stressed by so many spiritual traditions. 

Relevant to sungazing, technologically sophisticated experiments have been carried out documenting the sun’s torsion fields. In the experiments, a parabolic mirror in a large telescope at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory focused the sun’s radiation onto sensors. The telescope, however, was fitted with a cover to keep out normal light. The device detected a non-light peak of energy corresponding to the sun’s true position of the sun - not its position when its light reaches the observer eight minutes later on earth. This signifies that torsion fields travel almost instantaneously.

A similar experiment was carried out demonstrating the life-enhancing nature of this energy. In this experiment, the sensor was E. coli bacteria. Corresponding to the influx of torsion energy, a large increase in bacterial growth occurred when the covered telescope was pointing at the sun’s true position.

If this parabolic-focused torsion energy can stimulate bacterial cell growth, it is not a big leap to conclude that collecting this energy through the focusing lenses of our eyes also can build up life-force energy within our own cells.

Consistent with these experiments, it has been shown that the voltage through acupuncture points instantaneously responds to solar flares. It does not require eight minutes for the solar flare’s electromagnetic energy to reach the earth. In other words, the sun is emitting some faster-than-light force that immediately affects our physiology.


Today’s scientists are like the priests in Galileo’s time: they already know the answer, so why look through the telescope. Even though their presence is a short blip in mankind’s long and rich history, they are intolerant of the wisdom of the ages supporting life-force energy.

Paraphrasing German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, every scientist takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. If it can’t be seen through their glasses, it doesn’t exist. However, to correct this myopic view of the world, Russian scientists have devised torsion glasses that allow us to scientifically glimpse at the life-sustaining universe. Once the realm of mystics, they’ve touched the face of God.


Various devices have electromagnetic stimulated inert gases to build up healing and regenerative potential (Johnston, 2006). Inert-gas therapy is based on the idea that higher-level primal energy can be downloaded into more accessible and usable energy through “primary points,” one source of which is the nucleus of inert-gas elements, i.e., helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon.

Compared to other elements, inert gases possess additional energy that keeps them in a higher vibrational state. For example, helium is difficult to freeze no matter how low the temperature is taken. Even if virtually all the thermal energy is removed, helium somehow retains sufficient vibrational energy that inhibits it from entering a solid state.

It is postulated that primary points located in the nucleus of the inert-gas elements produce the energy that keeps the heavier inert-gas elements in a gaseous state and keeps helium from solidifying at very low temperatures.

To harness the energy produced by these inert-gas primary points, devices have been constructed in which the inert-gas is electromagnetically stimulated. This stimulation pulls the primary point away from its nucleus, which, under normal conditions, absorbs the downloaded, primary-point energy. Because of this unshielding, the energy is now released into the surrounding space and, hence, available for healing.


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