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Philip Muccio

Wearable TherapyTM is an innovative and individually-fitted neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and functional electrical stimulation (FES) suit for persons with neurological disorders such as spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy to restore movement and physiological function, as well as to alleviate pain (www.WearableTherapy.comwww.WearableTherapy.com). The loss of neurological function can significantly degrade the quality of life of individuals affected by any one of these conditions. Not only can movement such as walking be impaired, but physiological processes (i.e., circulation, healing, blood pressure, GI function, etc.) that occur automatically behind the scene, can become pathological and lead to serious medical issues.

I was introduced to the field of electrical stimulation when I became involved in an FES research project at the Cleveland VA Medical Center where fine-wire electrodes were implanted in multiple muscles to induce artificial standing and walking in paraplegia. Function that was otherwise completely lost was returned to participants by means of their own muscles, which were producing energy and motion and were no longer idle. By placing small amounts of electricity in and around nerves, the body responds to commands in ways that are amazingly “normal” and the muscles, which are atrophied and weak, become pronounced and strong, enough to not only support the body in standing, but propel it at near-normal walking velocities. While FES gait is very impressive, its effect on the health and well-being of those engaged with it, are very impressive. The experience I had in the VA project led me to believe that FES would someday play a major role in the care of the neurological-impaired and as such I pursued the development of the Wearable TherapyTM System.

What's unique about Wearable TherapyTM is that it can be customized to meet specific requirements of the individuals we fit. We evaluate and determine what deficits or medical problems exist, then design and create a Wearable TherapyTM system that matches the need. That could mean total body muscle stimulation incorporating more than 40 electrodes for persons with quadriplegia or two electrodes for correction of foot drop in patients with stroke or MS. Our clinicians are credentialed medical professionals who are trained and certified in Neuroprosthetics. They are available for consultation throughout the US.

The wearability and practicality of our systems are crucial to achieving successful results. Since most neurological conditions are life-long, rehabilitation and progress toward recovery should never cease. Wearable TherapyTM Systems are easily donned and worn for short periods of time or worn for many hours during the day. This gives our clients unmatched therapy, much needed restoration of limb or spine function, or continuous pain relief, even when sleeping.

Research shows that NeuroProsthetics can do the following:

1) Restore hand opening and closing

2) Correct foot drop without bracing

3) Stabilize the knee during stance phase without bracing

4) Stabilize the spine and correct postural deficiencies

5) Reduce subluxation of the shoulder joint

6) Rebuild muscle strength

7) Improve muscle endurance and exercise capacity

8) Relax muscle spasticity and tightness

9) Improve circulation

10) Reduce joint stiffness and contracture

11) Re-educate muscle

12) Alleviate pain

13) Minimize bracing

14) Improve wound healing

15) Improve bowel and bladder function


Bioflex, Inc., Center for NeuroProsthetics, 800.552.3539

email: philipmuccio@wearabletherapy.com

website: www.WearableTherapy.com