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Summary Prepared by Jean-Michel Jost, Combo Ltd.

Therapeutic benefits of the GIGER MD® Therapy

Scientific evidence and its applicatory effects show that neurological, physical, and mental conditions may be improved crucially through intensive GIGER MD® Therapy, and, by this means, health, and longevity may be improved. Life-long physical exercise may be of particular importance for persons with SCI who, by nature of their disability, are profoundly sedentary and develop prematurely different medical conditions that are often associated with lack of movement.

The GIGER MD® Therapy improves or prevents the following:

bulletmuscle strength
bulletskin breakdown (decubitus ulcers)
bulletosteoporosis & fractures
bulletbladder & bowel dysfunction
bulletheterotopic ossification
bulletcirculatory problems
bulletdeep vein thrombosis
bulletrespiratory functions
bulletcardiovascular disease
bulletneuropathic/spinal-cord pain

The mode of operation of the GIGER MD® Therapy Instruments

All the devices, invented and subsequently manufactured by the COMBO Ltd. company in Switzerland, are called “GIGER MD® Therapy Instruments."

The principle of a GIGER MD® Therapy Instrument can be explained simply as a device whereby the arms and legs are executing cycling movements (with feet and hand pedals) in coordination – the pedals are linked together slightly out of phase. Motion is induced with only the patient’s own motion, as it is not electrically powered.

With the GIGER MD® medical device, one executes the most diverse and easiest of movements involving the whole body at once. The motion induced by the machine creates a set of wave like continuous sensing movements achieving maximal efficiency of the system. Yet, it is remarkably easy to operate, with no strain whatsoever. Through the linked pedal motion of the arms and legs (lying down to suppress gravity in a number of cases – as in quadriplegia e.g.), the device displaces all the sections of the spinal cord successively.

The therapy on the GIGER MD® medical device creates movement in each segment and creates interference waves which go down and back along the spinal cord stimulating neurotransmission along the whole spinal cord. There is a continuous three dimensional movement when using the GIGER MD® medical device.

The GIGER MD® Therapy represents a total kinesthetic approach to exercising, over and beyond ordinary bicycling devices which besides not mobilizing the arms are not stimulating the total CNS towards mastering the successful motion of each arm and leg in a continuum. The whole body is placed in a situation of sensing and moving each part of the body in succession. This increases capacities for re-awakening loss functions.

The corresponding GIGER MD® software can be used to record the patient’s progress in motion, and the EMG macroscopic recording and other advanced diagnostic tools can be used to measure improvements without any additional effort. The use of this therapy instrument in “ordinary” rehabilitation provides relief for a wide variety of ailments starting with pain.

One of the key principles of the GIGER MD® Therapy is that coordinated stimulation in phase and anti-phase of the entire CNS induces improvement in various parts of the anatomy, including higher cognitive functions. Some of the most remarkable results are with children and with cases where rehabilitation is started immediately after injury. These results can be seen in several cases of children with brain injuries who were rehabilitated even though they were in a coma.

Contact: For further information, contact the Combo Ltd., Medical Technology, 4503 Solothurn, Switzerland. Phone: 011/ 41 32 621 97 41, fax: 011/ 41 32 621 97 45, e-mail:, website: