Questions to Ask Your Doctor
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Brent Atwater

From: A Practical Guide to Overcome Your Health Problems by Brent Atwater

Do not follow your doctor's orders, just for the sake of blindly following his orders. Do not leave all your fate in someone else's hands! Do YOUR research and reading to give you the information from which to ask questions. Your questions create the path to your understanding so you can eliminate living fearfully and empower your options and learning opportunities.

bulletAsk for a list of reading materials about your health problems.
bulletAsk why you are taking each medication and whatís itís supposed to accomplish.
bulletAsk how long you will taking it. Is it preventative medicine, management prescription, or curative treatment? What are the side effects and possible interactions?
bulletAsk what possible new symptoms or medical complications you should be aware of and when to report these back to your physician.
bulletAsk why you are having a treatment or procedure and how long will it take. Ask how many treatments has he done successfully. What is your doctorís idea of success? How long has he been doing them? Ask how many have failed and why. Talk with some of his patients.
bulletAsk what you can do in addition to these treatments to continue to get better.
bulletAsk what foods are best for you. Ask for detailed step-by-step procedures for formulating eating habits to contribute to your health while you have this condition.
bulletAsk what you can do in addition to OR to replace any medications to sleep better. Sleep is healing.
bulletAsk what physical activities and exercises will not harm you and benefit your health.
bulletAsk what public and private activities you need to be cautious about.
bulletAsk what you can do to prevent further damage or recurrences.
bulletAsk what alternative, complementary or holistic healing or other drug related methods may benefit you.