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Sensitive plant, i.e., Mimosa pudica, is one of the few plants that responds almost instantly to touch or in other ways contact; it will tend to ball up, bunch up, or shift. This is caused by an exceptional development on an evolutionary scale with regard to the plant-to-animal connection and with regard to control nerves and muscular interactions at an electrical level. This does transfer to some extent to varieties of the extracts, even the flower essence, and other ways of utilizing this plant can be employed. It has some benefit in this regard with nerve development.

However, it appears to be helpful to human condition only to a certain extent. It could certainly be employed in spinal cord injury and would likely improve the body’s natural ability to utilize the amino acids that are used to build various important components as part of the nerve process. If sufficient fats are present, we see an acceleration of the rebuilding process that would likely take place under the influence of this plant.

It is difficult to say, however, in which ways Mimosa pudica would be best. For some individuals, particularly those with a more spiritual orientation, it is going to be more helpful in homeopathic or flower essence or other applications, where as those who need it at the more gross physical level, particularly individuals with tendency to counteract any vibrational remedy by use of coffee, strong herbs, garlic, etc. will benefit more from the physical. 

However, it is not so much the actual chemical agents that are helping, it is the vibration, the attunement to the natural condition of attunement with Earth that is being transferred. Indeed, for many individuals, this is as if a whole different context – here is another way to build nerves. It is presenting this issue, so to speak, particularly at the higher vibrational level to the person. In addition to this, some of the chemical agents will be helpful to some individuals, and we see little harm in its use for most people.