Dr. Villti Ulfur

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Because there is wide-spread gold deficiency, some benefit can accrue from Edgar Cayce’s gold vibrational approaches to treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal cord injury (SCI). Gold is necessary as an important element and will be a helpful mineral for the conductive processes that are a part of the building and making of nerves on many levels. Many other materials are also needed, however. These are now particularly -even in comparison just to as a short of a time ago as Cayce’s time – in shorter supply. For example, in Cayce’s day, there was little in the way of pasteurization of milk or related products. However, the importance of this is intergenerational, and it is the passing of these various deficiencies generation to generation that does produce difficulty.

The improvement of neurological function by these means certainly has been demonstrated, and there can be temporary benefit.  Bringing the gold into the body in any form, even homeopathic, will generally be seen as some help. However, it may be easier to simply give the individual the homeopathic remedy Aurum Met (12X) than to go through all of the trouble with Cayce’s vibrational techniques.

A difficulty is overdose. Some individuals will have a low threshold of gold, even showing difficulty with gold overdose with gold found in the teeth or even on rings or other jewelry touching the body. Such individuals will fare quite poorly when gold is added into their body in any way. This is a colloidal form and better absorbed. Thus you will exacerbate such difficulties if the person is unable to properly metabolize. This is a similar problem with other colloidal minerals. Silver is one of the worst. Because silver is so prevalent in the environment compared to gold, it is rarely in short supply in the individual.

However, when working with gold, it is primarily that which is taken through the digestive system that is inherently balancing. This is certainly found in such products as carrots or beets when grown in organic soils rich in gold. As a result, the organically compounded materials are better absorbed and ultimately more helpful to the body, particularly carrots.